AGENDA ITEMS - Citizens shall submit all items they wish to be included for consideration as an agenda item to the City Clerk no later than 12:00 pm on the Wednesday before a council meeting.  

BUILDING PERMITS - Must be submitted no later than 12:00 pm on the Wednesday before a council meeting to be considered at a City Council Meeting.  This allows time for the Permit to be reviewed and consideration given at the meeting. ​​

Worthington, IA

Welcome to Worthington, Iowa, a welcoming community nestled in the midst of rolling hills and picturesque landscapes. Our town, with its rich history and friendly atmosphere, offers a tranquil retreat from the fast pace of modern life. Experience the warmth of our close-knit community, where neighbors become extended family, and time-honored traditions are valued. Worthington embodies the true spirit of the heartland, and as you explore our streets and interact with our residents, you'll discover a genuine sense of belonging. Join us in celebrating the essence of Worthington, where the authenticity of our community is the heartbeat of our town.

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