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Worthington Fire Department Breakfast 10/29/2017

The Catholic Order of Foresters sponsored a breakfast to benefit the Worthington Fire Department.  It was held on 10/29/2017 from 7:00AM-12:00PM at the Worthington Fire Station.  All proceeds went toward fire and training equipment, computer software, and fire training. Thank you to all who came to support your local Volunteer Fire Department!

​​In 1858 an Englishman by the name of Amos Worthington ventured here from Cincinnati, Ohio. He chose a spot about 35 miles southwest of Dubuque in the path between Farley and Cedar Rapids that would be accessible to the Dubuque Southern railroad. He built the first general merchandise store in the area and soon another businessman by the name of Mr. Piersall built a second store. It wasn’t long before a blacksmith shop and saloon located near the two stores and this was the beginning of Worthington. It was not until October 1, 1892 that the people of the village petitioned the court of Dubuque County to become an incorporated town. An election was held with a total of 42 eligible voters, 32 of which voted yes to incorporate and the remaining 10 voting no. The Clerk of Court certified a copy of all proceedings and the date of the official incorporation of the Town of Worthington was to be January 2, 1893

"Making your life story worth telling"

The City of Worthington now has in place an emergency notification system for all our residents.  This is called CODE RED.  You must go online to register your phone numbers to be notified in the event of an emergency.  Boil notices, missing person, utility outage, fire/flood, bomb threat, chemical spill or gas leak, or any life safety incident.  You can register as many phones as you would like, yours, spouse, kids, and anyone else living in your house with a phone.  When an emergency happens ALL numbers in the system are notified with a voice message and if you don't answer; the message will be left on your voice mail.  It is your responsibility to update the system if your number changes or if you add phones. 

Clink on the red link below to enroll today! 

City Hall Closed for the Morning 12/14/2017

City Hall will be closed the morning of 12/14/2017. City Hall will be open by 10:00AM. If you need immediate assistance, please contact Bill Burger at 563-590-1964

Municipal Election 11/07/2017

The election for Council Members was held on Tuesday 11/07/2017 at the Community Center. Your elected officials are in the order as follows: Bill Burger (Mayor), Marty Marugg (Council Member), Steve Engler (Council Member), and Clarence Tuel (Council Member). Thank you to all who stopped down to vote.

Our Town History:

City of Worthington


Red garbage tags have increased to $1.25/tag. These tags are still available for purchase at the Worthington City Hall and will soon be available for purchase at the Worthington Daybreak Gas Station.

 In the news: Worthington Ballpark 

Have you seen the great article from the Cascade Pioneer on the Worthington Ballpark?  If not, click the link below to read it!