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The City of Worthington now has in place a free emergency notification system for all our residents.  You are able to register as many phone numbers as you would like, however, it is your responsibility to update the system if your number changes. Click on the link below to register. 

Eastern Iowa Visiting Nurses & Home Health Care

Save the date: November 20, 2018 from 9:00AM-2:00PM Eastern Iowa Visiting Nurses & Home Health Care will be at the Worthington Community Center conducting a free clinic. This is open to all ages and for residents both within and outside of city limits. If you have additional questions regarding this free clinic, please call: (319)465-6299.

Happy125thBirthdaytothe CityofWorthington!


Early voting for the upcoming elections will take place at the Worthington Community Center on 10-24-2018 from 8:30-12:00

City of Worthington-Formal Complaint Form  

For better tracking purposes, the City of Worthington is asking any residents who have a complaint, to please fill out the complaint form on the link below. These can also be found at City Hall.

​​In 1858 an Englishman by the name of Amos Worthington ventured here from Cincinnati, Ohio. He chose a spot about 35 miles southwest of Dubuque in the path between Farley and Cedar Rapids that would be accessible to the Dubuque Southern railroad. He built the first general merchandise store in the area and soon another businessman by the name of Mr. Piersall built a second store. It wasn’t long before a blacksmith shop and saloon located near the two stores and this was the beginning of Worthington. It was not until October 1, 1892 that the people of the village petitioned the court of Dubuque County to become an incorporated town. An election was held with a total of 42 eligible voters, 32 of which voted yes to incorporate and the remaining 10 voting no. The Clerk of Court certified a copy of all proceedings and the date of the official incorporation of the Town of Worthington was to be January 2, 1893

Bellamy Brothers-September 16, 2018

Check out the pictures from this awesome event hosted by Benefit the Veterans!

Water Consumer Confidence Report 

Below is the button which directs you to the 2018 Water Consumer Confidence Report. Please follow this URL to view the past, as well as the current, reports.

Worthington Sportsmen Membership

City Hall now sells Worthington Sportsmen Memberships. The cost for a membership is $30.00. City Hall is open Monday-Friday 9AM-4:30PM.

Our Town History

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